2014 New Haven Preservation Trust Awards Announced!

Preservation may embody sustainability and common sense – but it takes courage. Our culture is defined by acts of creativity and innovation in the face of conventional wisdom. It’s always easier to wait for others to take the risk, but hesitation is the greatest risk when it comes to saving what can never be replaced. In New Haven, architectural legacies are sustained on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood, block-by-block, and building-by-building by those who care enough to act.

Leadership in preservation can come in many forms – but it’s always embodied in people who act boldly on a belief in the greater good of their efforts. Whether it’s a family that loves its house and believes in its neighborhood; developers who see the value in abandoned buildings; or institutions that look beyond the bottom line to value aesthetics over expediency, courage is required when conventional wisdom mitigates against bold action.

In celebration of National Historic Preservation Month, we are pleased to announce the 2014 New Haven Preservation Trust Award winners. We dedicate this program to exemplars of historic preservation, where individual projects represent the long-term determination and dedication of neighborhoods and institutions – exemplifying the courage necessary to save irreplaceable historic resources. This year the NHPT recognizes three projects that focus on the individual and civic risk-taking that preserves and enhances life in New Haven.

The winners are:

  • NHPT House Preservation Award. The Kimberly House, c. 1828, as restored by Sean Hundtofte and Bridget Suma, recognized as a touchstone for personal involvement in the preservation of the historic community of Fair Haven.

  • NHPT Merit Plaque. 38 Crown Street, a 65 apartment adaptive-use development in three historic buildings (1875 to 1910) by the PMC Property Group Inc., who are recognized as a role model of corporate courage and belief in the value of historic rehabilitation work.
  • NHPT Landmark Plaque. The highest commendation afforded by The New Haven Preservation Trust goes to Yale University’s conscious decision to restore and preserve its Modern Masterpieces – as exemplified by the complete restoration of the 1963 Art+Architecture Building (Paul Rudolph Hall).