2017 New Haven Preservation Trust Awards

NHPT’s 2017 Focus: At Home With History- Living In New Haven

This year the New Haven Preservation Trust is focusing much of its energies on an essential part of New Haven’s architectural heritage and present state of urban evolution: houses and housing.

Everyone has a home. There is no more essential purpose for a building than as a place to live. New Haven has a remarkable housing stock of every type and style. Throughout history private residences are often a source of great pride no matter how modest. Shared accommodations, housing, has allowed people of modest means, shared infirmity or student status have been part of New Haven for over 200 years. Given the new focus on building places to live in New Haven, The New Haven Preservation Trust celebrates the history of urban living in this year’s NHPT Awards.

This year’s awards will feature homes both grand and small, as well as the preservation of Yale’s lone mid-century Modernist residential college. And there will be a recognition of a local hero of both neighborhood and single family residential preservation as part of this year’s Award’s program.

Stay tuned to see the ongoing flow of NHPT tours and events that will, mostly, be centered on the one building type everyone knows intimately – the home.