Local Historic Districts

Wooster Square Local Historic District

Wooster Square Local Historic District


The State of Connecticut enables municipal governments to establish local historic districts to promote the educational, cultural, economic and general welfare of its citizens through the preservation and protection of buildings and places associated with a period or style of architecture that is locally or nationally significant. Two-thirds of the voting property owners must indicate their support before an area may be designated a local historic district.

Local Historic Districts differ from State and National Register Historic Districts in that local districts provide greater protection for the designated properties. Once a local historic district is established, an historic district commission is appointed to review and act upon applications from property owners who wish to make exterior architectural changes.

In accordance with state enabling legislation, the New Haven Board of Aldermen has established three local historic districts within the city: the City Point Historic District (2001), the Quinnipiac River Historic District (1977), and the Wooster Square Historic District (1970).